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About Us

Employed as an IBM Customer Engineer in the 1980s, our founder explored computer technology from a business perspective in the years that followed. Hardware expertise ranging from the corporate mainframe to the personal computer would ultimately become the forte of this future entrepreneur. Over time, his need to grow with technology surpassed his need for conventional employment. Jonathan Pritchard established this independent firm in 1996 to perpetually learn computer technology and extend its many benefits to customers in need of personalized solutions.

Perfecters ® is dedicated to researching and providing refined technology to the small business community. Our approach to this objective is unique in that the personal computer itself remains the centerpiece of our existence. Information Technology encompasses all forms of technology devoted to the creation, storage, exchange and general use of information. The computer is the ultimate facilitator, second only to the human being in importance.

Perfecting the relationship between person and PC is our enduring goal. Where others offer little more than shrink-wrapped responses, our consultants strive to enlighten clients about their own IT necessities, thus promoting self sufficiency. The long standing success of our method has proven that an alternative to contractual IT services is both feasible and less costly to your business.

Perfecters ® On-demand computer technology experts for small business since 1996.